3D Reshaper Digital terrain & contour lines

3DReshaper is an easy-to-use and affordable software dedicated to point cloud processing for various applications. It is a complete toolbox to meet many 3D modeling or inspection needs. Thanks to its Topography module, this is an essential software for all surveyors working with point clouds.

In the world of Surveyors, modeling can be very complex due to a lot of extraneous data in the scans (vegetation, cars, signs, etc.). In 3D Reshaper, there is a dedicated command to automatically extract the ground from a point cloud, so you can create an accurate DTM in one click.



Compute sections very easily in order to get contour lines on your DTM ( you can also compute sections in any direction, around an axis or along a curve).

Exrtract automatically all breaking lines from a mesh to help you to draw roads or facades.extract_breaking_lines


Practise with digital terrain models and contour lines