Top 5 GIS and Mapping Apps

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  • Map Pad GPS Surveys & Measure

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Use MapPad to calculate areas, perimeters and distances – save, export and share your measurements.
MapPad is providing multi-purpose mapping solution allowing location capture and determines distance and area for the shapes drawn on the map or captured using real-time GPS tracking.
Calculate area of the field or a walk distance instantly using Google or Bing Map Satellite view. Save petrol and time and capture features with few clicks on the map.
Area & Distance measurements are very accurate – please compare with other apps and what’s on the ground.

With MapPad you can capture, manage and share your data easily. App supports number of well-known cloud providers like G-Drive, Dropbox, Google Fusion Tables and export formats: KML, GPX, CSV and AutoCAD DXF.

  • Map It – GPS Data Colector

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MapIt is a GIS app designed to support GPS data collection and any kind of GPS based surveys. It’s a mobile GIS tool for land surveyors and people dealing with environmental and other GIS data. MapIt makes GIS data collection or asset surveys process faster and more efficient.
App can be also used as a tool for measurement and to calculate area or distance.

When registering location simply choose required attributes from defined earlier drop-down list, no need to type the same information over and over again. Import long attributes list from text files if necessary and use them in number of projects. If necessary you can add one or more pictures to each location as well.

  • Collector for ArcGIS

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xtend the reach of ArcGIS to your field workforce and use the Collector to improve the accuracy and currency of your spatial data. Using ArcGIS Online you can create and configure maps that tailor the ArcGIS collector to fit your workflow needs.

Collect and Update Spatial Data
* Collect new GIS features using the map or GPS
* Complete intelligent data entry forms specific to your data
* Attach photos

Find Places and get Directions
* Find places and points of interest around you
* Get driving directions to places and your features (via your ArcGIS Online Subscription)

* Calculate distance and area on top of the map

Location Tracking
* Periodically report your location

Map Viewing
* Open bookmarked locations
* Switch basemaps
* Turn on/off map layers

  • GeoMobile for ArcGIS

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GeoMobile for ArcGIS is a cross platform mobile ArcGIS viewer. Based on the popular ArcGIS Viewer for Flex, users can load their own GIS map layers into the app via a Web hosted configuration file. The application includes a number of mobile GIS tools including annotation/measure, interactive overview map, geo-coder, search, routing and a geolocator. The viewer is highly customizable, and can be extended to include additional mobile GIS functionality.

  • Wolf-GIS

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With Wolf-GIS, you’ll have access to detailed land information and GIS functionality anytime, anywhere.

Wolf-GIS is useful to those working in timber management, mining, real estate, utility companies, farming, construction, government land agencies, recreational purposes and more.

In any field big or small, Wolf-GIS helps to provide geographical information where you need it when you need it.